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What is Function Modeling?

Function modeling lies at the HEART of all good business systems analysis, business process modeling and BPM.

The very first stage in good business modeling is to identify and model WHAT the business OUGHT to be doing. The discrete activities that a business does are  called Business Functions or, less formally, Functions.

The Function Catalogue, which is a unique catalog of all Business Functions, lies at the heart of the Integrated Modelling Method (IMM™) and is the means by which all other business models are integrated.

The stages in Function Modelling within IMM™ are:

  • Identify existing information sources from which Functions can be identified or collect information that will allow this to be done. .
  • Analyse all gathered information and extract all “Candidate” Functions.
  • Convert “Candidate” Functions to true Functions.
  • Build the Function Catalogue.
  • Feed back what has been modelled to the business to ensure that it is correct.
  • Liaise with system developers to ensure that any systems built truly support the Function Catalogue.

Learn more on Function Modeling.

All you will ever need to know about Function Modeling is contained in the book IMM™ Function Modeling, which is available through our On-line Store.

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