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What is Data Structure Modeling?

Before computerising any Business Functions it is essential to identify and model the data used or created by these Functions and its relationship to other data items (or data entities) within the business.  

This is where the Data Structure Model – often referred to as an Entity Relationship Diagram or ERD – is an indispensable model.

It is strongly recommended that you build a Data Structure Model BEFORE you ever design or build a database for any computer system.  If you doubt the validity of this statement, ask the question, “Would you consider building a house without an architect’s plan?” and “How would you rate a builder who would attempt to do so?  A genius or a fool?”

Learn more about Data Structure Modeling.

All you will ever need to know about Data Structure Modeling is contained in the eBook IMM™ Data Structure Modeling, which is available (as an instant download) from our Online Store.

Data Modeling is an essential modeling technique for Business Systems Analysis and BPM.


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