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What is a Business Systems Analyst?

I wrote this response to as a result of being asked the question “what is a Systems Analyst?”

The term ‘Systems Analyst‘ is now outmoded.  It used be applied to those analysts who did ‘requirements analysis’ prior to computerizing a part of the business.

These people usually worked in the IT Department of large enterprises and saw the world only in terms of computer systems – a very narrow view of the world.

The role they played in now normally taken by Business Analysts (BAs).  These people usually work in the business and their view of the world is a primarily a business view as opposed to a purely IT view.

Good BAs should be able to use all of  the following modeling techniques:

  • Function Modeling
  • Process Modeling
  • Information Flow Modeling
  • Procedure Modeling
  • Data Modeling

Too often the task of Data Modeling is done by a separate set of Data Analysts and this causes a disconnect in most projects.

A BA need not know programming languages or design techniques but knowledge of these will give a more complete view of the overall development cycle.

Are you a business systems analyst? Then realise that all of the above modeling techniques are core techniques in the Integrated Modeling Method.


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