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Function Modelling – a Tutorial

I was recently invited by the team at DataQualityPro to put together a tutorial on the basics of function modelling. The team are familiar with the power of the Integrated Modelling Method and how it puts Business Functions at the core of the Corporate Business Model.

The tutorial summaries the IMM Function Modelling process.  It starts by introducing the five stages of business analysis and modelling, which are:

  • Information gathering
  • Analysis and investigation
  • Modelling
  • Feedback
  • Implementation

It then expands on each of these stages. 

In analysis and investigation it describes:

  • how to analyse and extract candidate functions from information gathered
  • how to convert candidate functions to actual functions
  • how to build the function catalogue

You can read the full tutorial at Data Quality Pro

For a Rapid Guide on Function Modelling go to IMM Store.  There you can also purchase a fully detailed Function Modelling eBook, which is A4 in size, 104 pages, 28,000  words.


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