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The DNA of Data Quality: The Building Blocks of the Enterprise

While watching a TV programme on genetics, I became fascinated by the power of the DNA double helix and how a single strand could hold all of the instructions to build a living entity, be it a mouse, a man or a mammoth.

Shortly after the Programme an image started forming in my mind as it slowly dawned on me that there is an equally powerful structure at work in every successful enterprise.  A structure which, like the DNA double helix, contains a complete set of instructions for the enterprise. One that defines every function that the enterprise ought to perform and the structures of the data needed it to perform each function.

Excited by this realisation, I decided to share my vision by making it the subject of the keynote talk that I had been invited to give at the PPDM Symposium in Perth, Australia in August this year. I am happy to say that my talk was very well received by an enthusiastic audience from the Australian and New Zealand Oil & Gas industry I have created a PDF version of this presentation that you can view and download by clicking
on this link: The DNA of Data Quality.

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED AND MOVED TO http://jo-international.com/the-dna-of-data-quality-the-building-blocks-of-the-enterprise/


Working Together

If you would be curious about finding out how you can use the power of the DNA of Data in your enterprise, whether you are building new applications or trying to maximise on your legacy data, then please contact me now to find out more.

Email: john@jo-international.com Skype: johnowensnz Phone: +6421774785 (NZ time 8am to 8pm)

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