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Five Stages of Business Modelling

In the Integrated Modelling Method there are five distinct stages to Business Modeling:

  •     Information gathering
  •     Analysis and investigation
  •     Modelling
  •     Feedback
  •     Implementation

All of these stages should be followed whether you are doing modelling in an organisation with 5 employees 5,000 employees or 25,000 employees. 

If you are doing work in a small organisation you might think that it all seems too much!   But it is not.  All of the stages described should be considered as stages of thinking that you need go through during business modelling.  They do not need to take a great deal of time, but they must be done. 

If you go through these stages (in the right order and skipping none!) you will always achieve quality results and get the right answer first time, every time!

I have tested these  in all sizes of organisation from 5 to 30, 000 and they worked – every time!

In my next posts I will take you step-by-step through effective information gathering.


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