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Stages in Data Modeling

A newcomer to this subject asked me the question “Where do I start and what are the stages in Data Modeling?”.  Here, in brief, is the answer I gave.

The first step in data modeling is data analysis.  This means gathering information that will tell you what data entities are required by the business.

You then need to model how these data entities, how they are related to each other and what ‘attributes’ they have.  The resulting model is called an ‘Entity Relationship Diagram or ERD.  The ERD is a business model as opposed to a systems or IT model.

If you are going to build a computer system you would then build a database schema based on the ERD.

Finally you would build the physical database and fill (or ‘populate’) it with data.

All of these stages are expanded upon in my Rapid Guide to Data Structure Modeling available from the IMM Online Store


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