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Social Media Identies? No! Social Media Personas

In a recent discussion of Linkedin on MDM and Social Media Profiles one commenter proposed that “After MDM has matched the social identity to a customer’s corporate identity in a CRM system, I would call it a ‘trusted social identity’ (TSI)”.

Having read this, I commented that I thought that ‘trusted social identity’ or (TSI) was a good idea.

However, a few days later I had a rethink and posted the following comment.

On reflection, I wonder if ‘Identity’ is a good, or even valid, term to use at all in this context. Does anything we read about a person on social media actually IDENTIFY them?

In loose English terms we could say it ‘tells us who they are’ = identity.  But this is not true.  It simply tells us what they write about on social media.  This is NOT their identity, it is merely a Persona.  Across several social media channels the same individual might have several (and totally different) Personae.

In MDM terms these Social Media Personae (SMP) ought to be thought of more as related data/information rather than unique identifiers.  SMP will be no more effective in identifying an individual than skills, education, qualifications and pastimes in a HR system identify an employee.

These things might tell us a lot about the employee, but would we use them to identify to which employee we should issue a pay cheque?

What do you think?

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