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Process Decomposition: 300% more Models 30% Business Missed

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In a recent response to a blog article I made the assertion that decomposing processes was a cumbersome and costly technique that added  no value to the business.  Further, that it actually produces up to 300% more diagrams than are necessary and misses out up to 30% of core business activity. I was asked on what I based these assertions.

They are based on measurements I did as when working as a consultant in several large corporations in the UK and Europe, including London Underground, where Process Modeling was being incorrectly used as the primary business modeling technique. 


Its use as a primary technique is a flawed approach.  The PRIMARY modeling technique should ALWAYS be Business Function Modeling. This will give you the Function Catalogue or (Function Hierarchy), which is the essential, core business model for any enterprise.

All activities in a business are not processes, but every activity in a business is a Business Function!!

30% of core business activities (Functions) are discrete, one-off steps – missed out by process modeling. 

The measurements I took showed that decomposing processes results in 300% more diagrams than are necessary and has inherent logic errors.  These logic errors are explained in detail in the IMM Process Modeling eBook.

Process Modeling has its place as a supporting technique which, when properly used, can bring real business benefits.  Its current misuse is hugely wasteful of time, effort and money and fails to deliver the promised business benefits.


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