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New IMM eBook on Procedure Modeling launched 12 August 2013

New IMM Book on Business Procedure Modeling coming out on 12 Aug – SAVE 25%

My new book on Business Procedure Modeling, the fifth eBook in the IMM series, will be published on Monday 12 August 2013. This book will introduce you to a complete set of key techniques that will enable you to rapidly build fully tuned and optimized Business Procedures for enterprises of any size in any sector. […]

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Fogville - where things are always a little hazy!

In Fogville Data Errors are Created for the Social Good!

The citizens of Fogville Inc. take a different approach to Data Quality. Does your enterprise have such creative reasons for not eliminating data errors? If so, please write and let me know and I will see if I can get the citizens of Fogville to adopt them. My email: john@johnowensblog.com

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Business and data definitions give direction to an enterprise.

160 Pragmatic, High Quality Definitions for Business and Data Analysts

Quality Practice Begins with Quality Definitions Sadly, in the worlds of business and data analysis and modeling good definitions are hard to find, bad definitions abound and misunderstanding and misuse of even the most fundamental terms is commonplace. I am a perfectionist. I am passionate about quality and want to deliver it to my clients […]

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More on Meta Data Muddle

In his recent entertaining blog post Metadata, So Mom Can Understand, Rob Carel used an example of a TV episode to explain the concept of metadata to the lay man or woman. This example is very useful as it shows how Meta Data and Entity Data can be easily confused. Imagine the table below is […]

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Fogville, DQ – Where Data Defects are Good!

Welcome to Fogville, the place that captures the spirit of Data Quality around the work. Where people dare to say what others fear to think! If you think that a colleague or friend could benefit from the incisive insights of the folk in Fogville, please share this post with them by clicking on a Social […]

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What’s the Matter with ‘Meta’?

Misuse is the matter with ‘Meta’. ‘Meta Data’ is a term that is beginning to appear and be misused in blogs and articles on Data Quality. Although Meta Data does have a role to play in Data Quality, it is not the one described in some Data Quality articles. In this post I will define […]

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The Five Pillars of Data Quality

The Five Pillars of Preventative Data Quality

If any enterprise is serious about implementing Data Quality, then there are five fundamental actions that it must take in order to lay the foundations for this. These are critical actions as, without taking them, all other Data Quality activities will be in vain. The reason for this is that these actions actually define what […]

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Data Quality is Not a Prosthesis, It’s in the Enterprise DNA

Why is it that so many enterprises, even those committed to Data Quality, fail to achieve it? The major reason for this is that they implement all Data Governance and Data Quality activities in the form of expensive and cumbersome overhead departments and activities. This approach dooms Data Quality. Data Quality cannot be treated as […]

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Processes Tuning Master Class

It costs time and, consequently, money to carry out Business Processes, it is important that they are both effective and efficient.  Consequently, a vital stage in building any Process is to ensure that it is fully tuned and optimized. When tuning a Process the business analysts and business experts work closely together in order to make […]

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How SCV Causes Fragmented MDM

It’s ironic that a major activity, whose advocates claim will bring integration to Master Data Management (MDM), is actually a major driver of MDM fragmentation in enterprises. Sadly, in the case of Single Customer View (SCV) this is the case and, when you look closely at it, fragmentation is inevitable. Wrong Place, Wrong Direction Single […]

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