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Three city talking tour for John Owens July & August 2014

Three City Speaking Tour

I am really excited to be setting out on a three-city speaking tour of Australia next Sunday, 27 July. MDM Summit My first stop is at the MDM and Data Governance Summit in Sydney, which starts on 29 July. I’ll be giving a talk on the 30 of July and then running a half-day workshop on the 31 […]

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Click to find out more about the DNA of Data Quality at the PPDM Symposium in Perth, Australia in August 2014

The DNA of Data Quality for Oil & Gas E&P

I am honoured to have been invited to be a keynote speaker at the PPDM Symposium in Perth, Australia in August this year. It will be nice to be back again in front of an audience from this industry, with whom I have a long standing connection, to unveil my latestIntegrated Modeling Method (IMM) innovation, the DNA of Data Quality. My association with […]

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Fogville - where things are always a little hazy!

Fogville: Rip Van Data Winkel Wakes up after 20 Years!

Due to boredom, Rip Van Data Winkel fell asleep in Fogville over 20 years ago.  He now awakes into the brave new world of Data Quality in 2013.  What earth shattering changes will he find? Will his mind be able to to handle the magnitude of the global improvements that 20 years has surely brought […]

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A beautiful ripple in a 'data pond'

Your Data Pond Needs Ripples

In his recent post, The Stone Wars of Root Cause Analysis, Jim Harris discussed how using root cause analysis to remove data quality issues is like trying to stop people throwing stones in a pond by taking an endless series of defensive actions, such as blocking paths to the pond, building a high stone-deflecting wall […]

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Fogville - where things are always a little hazy!

Fogville Analysts Are Not Lost in the Mists, They are Exploring Complexity!

To the ordinary business or data analyst, stumbling about in a misty landscape would seem to be a situation from which they would want to extract themselves as soon as they possibly could. But that is the ordinary analyst. To the analysts of Fogville, wandering through mist and haze does not suggest being lost in […]

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The Data Compass helps enterprises plot a save passage to Data Quality.

The Universal Data Compass

Fuzzy thinking is spreading like a fog across the landscapes of data management and data quality.  Instead of extracting themselves from this fog, many data analysts actually convince themselves that, far from being lost in the mists and haze, they are actually finding enlightenment in a new and unexplored world of complexity.  Few ever emerge […]

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Fogville - where things are always a little hazy!

The BAs in Fogville are Battling the Data Geeks ‘Meta Mania’

The Fogville BAs are tired of data geeks trying to gain ‘street cred’ on the block by prefixing everything with ‘Meta’.  Not only is it time to strike back, it’s time to beat them at their own game. What cunning ploys do the BAs in your enterprise have for outwitting your DAs? Please share it […]

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IMM world audience spans 5,ooo towns and cities in 181 countries.

IMM Audience Now in 5,000 Towns & Cities in 181 Countries

IMM the Integrated Modeling Method can truly be said to be global with an audience in nearly every country in the world, as shown by the map below from our website Google analytics. You can help us to grow our audience still further by: Sharing this page with colleagues and friends by clicking on one […]

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New IMM eBook on Procedure Modeling launched 12 August 2013

New IMM Procedure Modeling eBook launched!

The eBook IMM Business Procedure Modeling, the long awaited fifth book in the Integrated Modeling Method suite was launched through the IMM Online Store at 10am EDT today. This book  introduces you to, and walks you step-by-step through, the use of a complete set of very powerful  modeling techniques that will enable you to rapidly […]

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