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Five Fatal Errors for Business Analysts

Proper business analysis can bring untold benefits to a business by bring power through simplicity and enabling quality information systems to be built to support and accelerate business success. Bad business can bring untold misery to a business and can lock the staff inside complicated and inefficient procedures supported by poor information systems that severely […]

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Modeling the "As Is" then "To Be" is a waste of time

[I wrote the following comments in response to a blog that was advocating starting off by modeling the "as is" processes in the business as the starting point for business improvement.] One of the major errors taken in business analysis and modeling is that of modeling the “As Is”, then the “To Be” and then […]

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IMM Endorsed by Polytechnic

“Integrated Modelling Method provides us with access to a coherent set of resources for students who are going through the modelling process for the first time. Our previous experience with tools for teaching business modelling and data modelling tended to separate these two techniques. The Integrated Modelling Method has enabled us to show the students […]

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Process, Function, Mechanism, Procedure: Which One?

[This post also comes as a Podcast - Please scroll to bottom of page] One of the greatest areas for confusion in the world of business systems modeling is the terminology used to name the activities performed by a business. Are these activities Processes, Functions, Mechanisms or Procedures? The answer is “all of the above”.  Does this mean that these […]

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IMM Endorsed by UK & France Consultant

“The Integrated Modelling Method is probably the most imaginative approach to business analysis and modelling that I have seen. John Owens built an international reputation for delivering real business benefits in all the work he did in enterprises of all sizes. He has a gift for seeing the simplicity hidden in the complexity of any […]

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Larry Maccherone Endorses IMM Data Modeling

“I’ve read the excerpt of your ebook on this subject, and it is one of the clearest explanations of the topic I’ve ever read.” Larry Maccherone: Manager of Software Assurance Initiatives and PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon, Instructor and Coach (Contractor) at Intuit

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IMM Endorsed by European Banking Consultant

“In developing the Integrated Modelling Method, John Owens brought together the very best modelling techniques in a totally innovative way that adds immense value to each one. The integration that IMM™ provides, which is unique among modelling methods, brings simplicity, elegance and power to the world of business analysis and modelling. Using this IMM in […]

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IMM Endorsed by University

“The Integrated Modelling Method makes business analysis and modelling simple, yet very powerful. Its emphasis on modelling what the business OUGHT to be doing helps our students organise their thoughts and better know what information to extract from the stakeholders. Having the Function Catalogue as the core model enables the entire business to be easily […]

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Process Decomposition: 300% more Models 30% Business Missed

[This Post has a Podcast - scroll to bottom of page] In a recent response to a blog article I made the assertion that decomposing processes was a cumbersome and costly technique that added  no value to the business.  Further, that it actually produces up to 300% more diagrams than are necessary and misses out up to […]

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Use a Fad to Fix What’s Bad!

[See podcast  at bottom of page][See youtube video here] “Use a Fad to Fix What’s Bad” – the new mantra of business process modeling and  IT worlds. In these worlds as new approaches emerge they quickly turn to fads that are seen as the panacea for all of the ills that plague these worlds. These […]

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