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One "L" or Two??

One of the first questions that many of you will be asking is “does this guy not know how to spell ‘modeling’?”, others will be asking “does this guy not know how to spell ‘modelling’?”.

Does it have one “L” or two. Well the answer is both! We deal with a global audience and for many it is two “L”s and for many more it is one “L”.

The term “Integrated Modelling Method” was first registered in the UK over 7 years ago and had then the UK spelling with two “L”s. So, whenever we use this term we stick to the 2 “L”s. At all other times we use one “L” as this is how the majority of our global market spells it.

I hope that that removes any doubts. However, I am sure that I will still make a few typos :-)


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