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Multi-Dimensional MDM Online Course – Now Enrolling.

Module 2 of Multi-Dimensional MDM online course from the IMM Academy is now live.  This module covers the most widely misunderstood of all of the Master Entities.

Which one is that?


It’s a bit like Rumpelstiltskin in the fairy tale. Some call it Customer, some Supplier, some Employee, some Guarantor, and so on, ad infinitum – well almost!

However it is none of these!

So, what is this entity? In effect it is any legal entity with which the enterprise has entered, or wishes to enter, into a legal contract or about which the enterprise needs to know as part doing its business.

This legal entity, because it is any party, other than the enterprise itself, is referred to simply as ‘Party’.

So, if the real entity is master Party, what are ‘Customer’, ‘Supplier’, ‘Guarantor’,  ‘Beneficiary’, ‘Employee’ and so on?   These are all ROLES that can be played by the entity of Party.

One Party can play many Roles in its dealings with a single enterprise.

I have seen this occur many times.  For example, at a university one Party can be an ‘Employee’ in a Faculty, take a course at the university where it takes the Role of ‘Student’ or ‘Customer’ and also be a ‘Beneficiary’ in the pension scheme.  One party, three different Roles.

In an arts centre I have seen artists work part time in the gift shop, making them Employees, sell there art work to the centre, making them Suppliers and buy other art work from the centre, making them Customers.  Again, one Party, three different Roles.

Module 2 Preview

Below is a preview of Module 2 of the Multi-Dimensional MDM on-line course.

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