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Multi-Dimensional MDM – So Powerful – So Easy!


Current thinking and practices on Master Data Management (MDM) could, at best, be said to be two-dimensional.

This might not sound too bad, until you realise that one of the dimensions is ‘Customer’ and the other is ‘Supplier’ neither of which is actually a Master Data Entity!!

Is this why current MDM thinking is failing to deliver benefits!

Is there an answer? Yes, Multi-Dimensional MDM!

I created Multi-Dimensional MDM as a means of enabling enterprises to easily identify and model all of their true Master Data Entities and avoid creating Phantom Entities such as Customer, Supplier, Employee, etc.

You can found out all about  Multi-Dimensional MDM by clicking on this link.

Free Webinar on Multi-Dimensional MDM

In this webinar I will share with you, not just Multi-Dimensional MDM, but all of my latest insights and innovations around MDM.

I will also tell you all about the exciting new Online MDM Course that I am launching in August this year.

Spread the Word!

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