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IMM – Born in New Zealand

The integrated modelling method was born in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2003.

My career was a Consultant Business Analyst working in enterprises of all sizes from family businesses to international corporations in Ireland, Europe and the UK.

In December 2000 I travelled to New Zealand for my 50th Birthday and fell in love with the country.

Over 20 years as a consultant I had seen enterprises of all sizes battling to simplify their business functions, business processes and systems and, sadly, usually failing to do so or, all to often, making them worse.

I knew that there was a better way. I was using it in what I did for my clients each day.  But how could I share this with others?  I had to write it down.

To do this I had to go somewhere very special.  There was one place that really fitted the bill – Queenstown, New Zealand.  So I set up office in a beautiful house on Queenstown Hill with one of the finest views in the world, looking out over Lake Wakatipu, and started to write. 

Over four months in 2003 the Integrated Modelling Method (IMM) was born!

I have since moved to New Zealand and I am living my Kiwi Dreams (one of my business names!) with my partner Pam.

We are now offering consultancy services to businesses of all sizes and are also Wealth Dynamics Certified Practitioners.

This truly is a world-class product created in New Zealand.



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