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Function Catalogue – 85% of What Your Business Does

The Function Catalogue will enable you to model up to 85% of your business with what is perhaps the simplest, yet most powerful, means of modelling business activity.

Using the Function Catalogue as your primary modelling technique for business activity will greatly reduce the number of models that you need to produce, yet will enable you to cover  more of the business with these fewer models.  You also avoid the problems arising from the inherent complexity of decomposing and leveling (and, yes they do need to be levelled) Process Models and DFDs.

Function Decomposition requires no leveling.  Function promotion within the hierarchy removes duplication and redundancy.

More information on Function Modeling

So when should you use Process Models?  These should only be used when you need to answer a question such as, “Given the Trigger ‘customer order received’, how to we get to the preferred outcome of ‘customer order delivered’?”.  This “how” means “What Business Functions do we need to perform and in what order?”  Remember every step in a Process is a Business Function.

At all other times the Function Catalogue will tell you all you need to know.

More information on Process Modeling

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