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FREE MDM Webinar – A Whole New Perspective

MDM & Excited!

You do not normally get the terms ‘MDM’ and ‘excited’ in the same sentence.

However, excitement is what I feel about our forthcoming MDM Webinar in which I will be telling you all about my latest insights and innovations in the field of Master Data Management (MDM).

From the feedback that I have had from several leaders in the field of MDM who have previewed the content, you will be excited too!

In order to meet demand, the webinar will be run on three separate days over the coming week. The first session is scheduled for Thursday 2 August, the second for Saturday 4 Aug and the third for Tuesday 7 Aug.

MDM Insights and Innovations

In this Webinar I will be sharing with you all my latest insights and innovations around the subject and practice of MDM.

I will be releasing to the MDM world, for the very first time, my powerful new concept of Multi-Dimensional MDM (MDMDM).

I’ll explain the Six Multi-Dimensional MDM Questions that will enable an enterprise of any size to identify all of its Master Data Entities and the relationships between them.

I will show, not just how to find these entities, but also how to build them in to quality databases.

I will also be introducing our brand new Online MDM Course that will take all of the concepts from the webinar into much greater detail.  This course will enable MDM practitioners, from novice to expert, to take their MDM thinking and practice to a whole new level.

If you have not already registered, do so now by clicking on this link:

Free Webinar on Multi-Dimensional MDM

In this webinar I will share with you, not just Multi-Dimensional MDM, but all of my latest insights and innovations around MDM.

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I look forward to seeing you at the webinar.

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