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Drug Pushers Do Less Harm Than Programmers!

IT systems development is an ever increasing financial burden for most business with a failure rate that is horrific, producing systems that bring stress (and often misery) to those condemned to use them.

It is appalling that after all these years IT Departments are still failing to deliver quality systems.  External software houses are not doing much better with many of their applications and packages proving to be a bigger operational and financial burden on an enterprise than the failure of their own IT departments had been.

These failing IT departments are not failing (so they would have us believe) because they are staffed by people who cannot deliver but  because they are being required to use structured development techniques.  Left to their own devices they could deliver the very best systems in no time at all – apart from the fact that the “bl**dy users” never know what they want.

So we now have a move to “rapid” development and “agile” techniques.  These are being heralded as the Holy Grail of software development.

No need for time consuming analysis and design.  No need to build the right thing first time.  Just build something and then make it right – eventually!

So we have an industry that could not deliver quality software in a timely manner using a structured approach telling us that, if liberated from the constraints of structure, it can deliver the very best.

I believe them, really!?&* 

And if they don’t deliver, once again it will not be their fault, but the fault of the “users”, who still do not know what they want!

There are two main “industries” in the world that refer to their customers as “users” – IT departments and drug pushers.

Some would argue that the pushers actually have more respect for their customers than IT, also that they probably cause less damage. 

But I couldn’t possibly comment!


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