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In Fogville Data Errors are Created for the Social Good!

The citizens of Fogville Inc. take a different approach to Data Quality.

In Fogville data errors are created fro the social good.

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Does your enterprise have such creative reasons for not eliminating data errors? If so, please write and let me know and I will see if I can get the citizens of Fogville to adopt them.


One Response to “In Fogville Data Errors are Created for the Social Good!”

  1. Richard Ordowich August 7, 2013 11:54 pm #

    Quality and errors have some often unrecognized impacts on people and organizations. If the organization rewards people for heroic fixes to problems or data, then that response will effect behavior. Why prevent errors and quality problems when you get rewarded for fixing them? I have been told by people in organizations that “we are fire fighters”, a cultural trait that is admired by many in the organization.

    Another aspect of quality and errors is the instant gratification when you fix a problem or bug. As a “reformed” programmer I know what this feels like, this is like a drug. Preventing errors and quality problems is a long, arduous process. There is no instant gratification, no rewards for heroic effort, typically no recognition at all.

    I don’t think data errors by themselves are creating or retaining jobs. I think the lack of quality in business processes is the main contributing factor to data errors. Business processes requiring human intervention (exception handling) does keep people employed however. Without the application of quality to business processes, jobs will remain.

    With regards to data however, I think there are more people employed who push data around in organizations than deal with data quality. People creating spreadsheets, moving data from one environment to another. Generating reports that no one reads. Doing analytics that no one takes action on. Over time I think we will see these jobs disappear because their value contribution is negligible. They will go the way of the secretary or administrative assistant, the typist in the typing pool.

    People should start examine their jobs and if they are a data pusher they should consider another career. Not everyone can become a “data scientist” of Chief Data Officer” (whatever those roles mean). There are just so many jobs available for data pushers so beware! The ability to create a spreadsheet is the equivalent of being able to flip a burger today.



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