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The data warrior will cost you dearly if you are waging war on data.

Waging War on Bad Data? Give Up. You’ll lose!

War on want. War on drugs. War on terror. Have these wars eliminated want, drugs and terror? No. Some would argue, quite the opposite. There are two main reasons for this, both allied to the human condition. The first is based on a phenomenon first observed by Carl Jung, that made him coin the term, […]

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Three city talking tour for John Owens July & August 2014

Three City Speaking Tour

I am really excited to be setting out on a three-city speaking tour of Australia next Sunday, 27 July. MDM Summit My first stop is at the MDM and Data Governance Summit in Sydney, which starts on 29 July. I’ll be giving a talk on the 30 of July and then running a half-day workshop on the 31 […]

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More on Meta Data Muddle

In his recent entertaining blog post Metadata, So Mom Can Understand, Rob Carel used an example of a TV episode to explain the concept of metadata to the lay man or woman. This example is very useful as it shows how Meta Data and Entity Data can be easily confused. Imagine the table below is […]

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Processes Tuning Master Class

It costs time and, consequently, money to carry out Business Processes, it is important that they are both effective and efficient.  Consequently, a vital stage in building any Process is to ensure that it is fully tuned and optimized. When tuning a Process the business analysts and business experts work closely together in order to make […]

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New IMM Online Store

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened a brand new IMM Online Store, which you can visit at http://imm-store.com. This new store brings together the complete suite of Integrated Modelling Method resources and products in a way that makes it much easier for you to browse and find exactly what you […]

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Address Data Quality Through Dynamic Data Entry

Right First Time It is good to see that  more and more data quality commentators and practitioners are beginning to realise that the essential key to quality data is to ensure that all data is correct at the time it is created.  Getting data right first time is obviously a far better approach than allowing erroneous […]

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Address Universal Modelling Tool

Address Modelling Magic The different structures of addresses in different countries and different languages can seem to be an insurmountable obstacle when trying to bring consistency of address structures for the purposes of Data Quality and Master Data Management. Without the right tool it is insurmountable.  However, with the right tool is becomes relatively simple. […]

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Successful MDM is Invisible!

If you see Master Data Management (MDM) as a major new ongoing Process in your business then you are on the wrong track! Successful MDM should be invisible. It should happen automatically as a part of doing business day-to-day. Strange Tweets I was prompted to write this post after I made two tweets that might seem […]

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Social Media and MDM

Integrating Social Media Data into the Master Data Management (MDM) arena definitely presents great opportunities for enterprises. However, with the current state of play of MDM in most enterprises this also presents great risks. This is true for several reasons. The first of these is that too many enterprises currently have an entity called ‘Customer’ […]

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