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Modeling the "As Is" then "To Be" is a waste of time

[I wrote the following comments in response to a blog that was advocating starting off by modeling the "as is" processes in the business as the starting point for business improvement.] One of the major errors taken in business analysis and modeling is that of modeling the “As Is”, then the “To Be” and then […]

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Process, Function, Mechanism, Procedure: Which One?

[This post also comes as a Podcast - Please scroll to bottom of page] One of the greatest areas for confusion in the world of business systems modeling is the terminology used to name the activities performed by a business. Are these activities Processes, Functions, Mechanisms or Procedures? The answer is “all of the above”.  Does this mean that these […]

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Process Decomposition: 300% more Models 30% Business Missed

[This Post has a Podcast - scroll to bottom of page] In a recent response to a blog article I made the assertion that decomposing processes was a cumbersome and costly technique that added  no value to the business.  Further, that it actually produces up to 300% more diagrams than are necessary and misses out up to […]

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Will BPMN Make You Right?

[This post also comes as a Podcast - scroll to bottom of page][Youtube video here] Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is one of the more common process modeling notations currently being promoted in the world of Business Process Modeling. Is it any good?  Well as a modeling notation it is pretty good.  It falls about mid way between a Procedure […]

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Can You Use Normalisation in SOA?

Many commentators are beginning to incorrectly use the term “normalisation” when they are talking about removing duplication from Service-oriented architecture (SOA). This a practice to be avoided, not just with SOA but in all communication, as it creates confusion and error.

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What is Business Process Modeling?

Business Process Modeling tells us the order in which Business Functions ought to be carried out in response to a Trigger in order to arrive at a business Outcome.   This outcome may be a “Preferred Outcome” or a “Non-Preferred Outcome”. The Integrated Modeling Method  (IMM™) shows you how to model Business Processes in a way that makes […]

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