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IMM Endorsed by European Banking Consultant

“In developing the Integrated Modelling Method, John Owens brought together the very best modelling techniques in a totally innovative way that adds immense value to each one. The integration that IMM™ provides, which is unique among modelling methods, brings simplicity, elegance and power to the world of business analysis and modelling. Using this IMM in […]

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IMM Endorsed by University

“The Integrated Modelling Method makes business analysis and modelling simple, yet very powerful. Its emphasis on modelling what the business OUGHT to be doing helps our students organise their thoughts and better know what information to extract from the stakeholders. Having the Function Catalogue as the core model enables the entire business to be easily […]

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Use a Fad to Fix What’s Bad!

[See podcast  at bottom of page][See youtube video here] “Use a Fad to Fix What’s Bad” – the new mantra of business process modeling and  IT worlds. In these worlds as new approaches emerge they quickly turn to fads that are seen as the panacea for all of the ills that plague these worlds. These […]

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Drug Pushers Do Less Harm Than Programmers!

IT systems development is an ever increasing financial burden for most business with a failure rate that is horrific, producing systems that bring stress (and often misery) to those condemned to use them. It is appalling that after all these years IT Departments are still failing to deliver quality systems.  External software houses are not […]

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What is a Business Systems Analyst?

I wrote this response to as a result of being asked the question “what is a Systems Analyst?” The term ‘Systems Analyst‘ is now outmoded.  It used be applied to those analysts who did ‘requirements analysis’ prior to computerizing a part of the business. These people usually worked in the IT Department of large enterprises and saw the world […]

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Data Models are for Wimps!

In the building industry, before a building is ever erected you will have an architect’s plan defining in full each of its facets. You would then have wiring diagrams and plumbing diagrams. Last of all a decoration and furnishing plan. All of this before a brick is laid. No builder would consider building a house […]

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VPN versus LAN

A network colleague is going to putting together  a paper on the benefits that can accrue from having an integrated information system provided by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as opposed to an unintegrated Local Area Network (LAN). Some of the benefits he initially listed were data integrity, reduced auditing, etc. My advice to him […]

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IMM – Born in New Zealand

The integrated modelling method was born in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2003. My career was a Consultant Business Analyst working in enterprises of all sizes from family businesses to international corporations in Ireland, Europe and the UK. In December 2000 I travelled to New Zealand for my 50th Birthday and fell in love with the […]

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