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BPM for the Building Industry

When Business Process Management (BPM) was introduced to the business world, business analysts no longer needed to bother busy executives to find out what should be going on in their businesses.

With this new approach, analysts could now simply look at what was currently being done in any business and use their analytical genius to work out what ought be going on.

Ignoring the criticism of what they see as carping sceptics, the champions of BPM are now advocating its use in the building industry.

Their argument is that money can be saved by eliminating the need for expensive architects and planners.

What will happen is that a BA (Building Analyst) will visit the existing building owned by a person or company and will model in detail every activity that is carried on there.  They will call this the “Business As Is” model.

These BAs will then use their amazing analytical skills to model, in equal detail, exactly what the new building required by the client should look like in terms of floors, area, rooms, locations, etc.  This will be called the “Business To Be” model.

They reckon that they will be able to do this for building of any size from private houses to skyscrapers.

For a private house they will simply walk through the house, with or without the occupants, and work out exactly what should be in the next house owned by the occupants/landlord.

The champions of this approach are also hoping to team up with Agile method experts in order to allow them to build buildings in iterations.

They reckon that it will have an effect on the building industry like none ever experienced before.

Having witnessed the effect that these two approaches have had on the business and systems world, I am inclined to agree with them.


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