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Big Data – Do You Really Need It?

“Big Data is the panacea for all data needs and your enterprise needs it now!” 

Is this really true?

There’s an easy way to find out.  Simply ask the question, “Does my enterprise have any Business Functions that cannot be effectively carried out without Big Data?”

If the answer is “Yes”, then you need Big Data, if ‘”No”, then you don’t.

Function Defines All

I was discussing Big Data with a client recently who asked me if his enterprise needed to start investing in Big Data and, if so, where, how and when?

“Look at your Business Functions”, I said. “They will tell you. Do you have any function that you can’t do without Big Data?”

“I don’t know”, he said. “That’s the problem. With all of the hype you would think that we need to be using Big Data for everything.”

Fact or Probability?

The hype does cause this confusion. Going back to Functions dispels the mists and myths.

If you want to know whether or not your clients have paid their invoices for last month where should you look, in a cloud of Big Data or in your internal accounts systems?

If you are really turned on by Big Data looking at the internal systems might seem too mundane and boring an approach.  You might prefer to analyse a gazillion tyrannosaurobytes of data and work out the Big Data Probability Factor (BDPF) of your client having paid you.

Big Data Universal Truth

You could then, based on this BDPF, decide on whether to up their credit limit or sue them in court for defaulting on a debt.

You could also extend the use of this BDPF as a check on the accuracy your internal systems.  If the BDPF said that the probability is that your clients defaulted and the systems say that they have paid, then you could scrap your these systems as, not concurring with the Big Data Universal Truth, they are obviously flawed!

Is this too extreme?  Not at all.  Right now, using Big Data, insurance companies are working out who to cover and who to blacklist – even before they are born – and governments are deciding on who to intern and who to invade.

So you decide.

Self Health Check

But before you do, you might want to do a Big Data search – based on your Facebook friends, Tweet content, trouser leg size, porn preferences, etc. - to establish whether or not you are capable of making such a decision.  The Big Data Truth about you is out there!

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