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New IMM Online Store

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened a brand new IMM Online Store, which you can visit at http://imm-store.com. This new store brings together the complete suite of Integrated Modelling Method resources and products in a way that makes it much easier for you to browse and find exactly what you […]

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MDM Seven Fatal Errors & How to Avoid Them!

The business practice referred to as Master Data Management (MDM) is plagued with Seven Fatal Errors that prevent enterprises from achieving any real success in this area, no matter how much effort or money is thrown at the problem. What are these Fatal Errors? Calling it MDM! Looking in existing data for Master Entities. Using […]

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Address Data Quality Through Dynamic Data Entry

Right First Time It is good to see that  more and more data quality commentators and practitioners are beginning to realise that the essential key to quality data is to ensure that all data is correct at the time it is created.  Getting data right first time is obviously a far better approach than allowing erroneous […]

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Beware! Killer OYsTeRs Devour Projects!

At this very moment in nearly every enterprise around the world the integrity of Business Improvement Projects is being devoured by Killer OYsTeRs. These are not the scrumptious little shellfish that so many people enjoy eating for both their taste and aphrodisiac properties. Rather, they are insidious growths that develop in enterprises between people involved in […]

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Can Pooping on Your Own Doorstep Improve Data Quality?

Quality Begins There are three things that have to happen in an enterprise if Quality is to exist there. The first is that the management and staff come to know and appreciate what Quality is, the second is that they are committed to bringing it about in their enterprise, the third, and most important thing, […]

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Essential Business Modelling Definitions

A recent post I made called “How ‘As-Is’ BAs Deliver ‘Has-Been’ Enterprises” has resulted in a lot of discussion both on this blog and in Linkedin. One of the major things to emerge from all of this discussion is the confusion that exists regarding clear definitions for the fundamental elements of Business Analysis and Modelling. […]

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How ‘As-Is’ BAs Deliver ‘Has-Been’ Enterprises

Spread across the world, there is an army of BAs that are daily sending enterprises backwards in time and building ever higher walls between them and the future.  Are these BAs dedicated industrial saboteurs? Far from it! Most are actually conscientious, hard working and well meaning. So, how can they be doing so much damage? […]

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The Business Function Model: Powering the Enterprise

The Business Function Model is the single most powerful business model that an enterprise can have, for this reason it is an essential tool for every Business Analyst and ought be at the core of every Enterprise Architecture. If you’re sceptical about this claim, have a look at the key benefits of the Function Model listed […]

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Seven Fatal Errors in MDM and How to Avoid Them

[This  post was originally written as an article for Hub Designs Magazine in November 2012.] Errors that Kill MDM The business practice referred to as “Master Data Management” or “MDM” is plagued with Seven Fatal Errors that prevent enterprises from achieving success, no matter how much money or effort is thrown at the problem. What are […]

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EA: Enterprise Architecture or Egomaniacs Anonymous?

I used to think that ‘EA’ stood for Enterprise Architect. However, having been drowned in the torrent of hot air and hyperbole that flows from EA forums (or should that be fora?) on LinkedIn, I now suspect that ‘EA’ might stand for ‘Egomaniacs Anonymous’. Engagement Is Good, Right? Is it not good to see people […]

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