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Archive | July, 2012

Multi-Dimensional MDM – So Powerful – So Easy!

2D MDM Current thinking and practices on Master Data Management (MDM) could, at best, be said to be two-dimensional. This might not sound too bad, until you realise that one of the dimensions is ‘Customer’ and the other is ‘Supplier’ neither of which is actually a Master Data Entity!! Is this why current MDM thinking […]

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MDM Without Customer! Is That Possible?

There’s No Such Thing as Customer! One of the great paradoxes with the current thinking on Master Data Management (MDM), where so much effort is put into building a ‘single customer view’, is that Customer is NOT actually a Master Data Entity! Come to think of it, neither is Supplier! How can this be? This […]

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Address Universal Modelling Tool

Address Modelling Magic The different structures of addresses in different countries and different languages can seem to be an insurmountable obstacle when trying to bring consistency of address structures for the purposes of Data Quality and Master Data Management. Without the right tool it is insurmountable.  However, with the right tool is becomes relatively simple. […]

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Successful MDM is Invisible!

If you see Master Data Management (MDM) as a major new ongoing Process in your business then you are on the wrong track! Successful MDM should be invisible. It should happen automatically as a part of doing business day-to-day. Strange Tweets I was prompted to write this post after I made two tweets that might seem […]

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